Perfectionism in Cosplay

My head is swimming with thoughts as deadlines approach so, have some thoughts.

As I type this I’m in the middle of working on Aika for European Cosplay Gathering. I qualified for ECG as the Solo Act last September after 3 years of trying and chickening out, and now it’s finally here it’s given me a lot to think about.

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Anime Go! 2017 & Beyond

This year has been a bit manic, especially with ECG to prepare for this summer I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon with updates.. hopefully I’ll fix that soon!

So what’s been happening?

Well, in March I returned to Anime Go! in Wallsend, where I helped organise the cosplay aspects of the event and gave two beginner talks: “Cosplay Talk” & “Choosing A Cosplay Costume”! They were really well received, with different tips for people getting started and what cosplay as a hobby can offer you.


Photo by North Tyneside Libraries

As you can see, I wore Shallotte Elminus from Atelier Shallie which is always a nice costume to wear as it sparks a lot of conversation with people – I got lots of questions about the construction, which parts were bought/made, fabrics etc which makes it easy to explain to people who might be starting out as cosplayers.

The library is hoping to run Anime Go! again next year, which I should be helping out with again – hopefully making it bigger and better with even more fun stuff to do!

Otherwise I’ve been busy as a bee with prep for ECG this July! I’m going to put up a more thorough post about how the costume and preparation is going soon, but for now here’s a sneak peek of some of the materials and work I’ve been doing:


There is an awful lot to be done, but I’m optimistic I can get it all ready in time for the finals! I hope anyone attending enjoys my performance too. Til next time!

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Blog Awards & Rai-Con Spring!

Long time no blog! Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve been pretty busy offline and also with preparing for events so it’s been a busy couple of months!

First off, this morning I discovered my blog has actually won an award! Feedspot did a “Top 75 Cosplay Websites & Blogs” list and I came in at 64! I didn’t even realise blog awards were a thing, and I use this blog mostly to document events and my own costumes so it’s not particularly useful all of the time.. so this is pretty neat! Thank you to everyone who visits!

Speaking of events, this weekend was my first of 2017: Rai-Con, Scotland’s Anime & Manga Convention! I was invited as a guest and as a judge to the event and after having such a great time last time I visited I was more than happy to come back. The event is so friendly and lively, it’s a great atmosphere!

raicon-spring 17103512_1243156522438055_2987325339679482664_n

I wore Prince Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura for the event – I did have another costume in the works but I didn’t have enough time to finish it before leaving. Booo! It was still a blast though, and I’ve not worn this costume much since C4 happened so it was nice to bring it out for another event!

It was an insanely busy day as we had a lot of entries to the competition – two rounds of judging and we ran over time a little bit! My judging partner in crime was Sketch McDraw, who has previously guested at Rai-Con and was awesome to hang out with during the day while we worked our way through the entries.


Photo by PhotoGoku

Because there were so many entries it was difficult to choose winners, because so many were so good!! There was an amazing level of craftsmanship and so many different techniques on show, it was a real toughie. Everyone did an incredible job. On that note, if anyone who did enter wants any feedback, please do feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to go over what we thought.

Earlier in the day I hosted a talk, Preparing Costumes & Make-Up! Admittedly because of the busy morning I went back over some of the subjects in the talk a few times and babbled, but I really hope it was helpful for people in the audience listening.

The next Rai-Con is on October 28th – hope to see you all again soon!

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Cosplay Life “Shopping in Tokyo”

Cosplay Life Shopping in Tokyo is back with the final 3 episodes! There are many more exciting projects on the horizon coming too from Lauren!

These episodes cover Nakano Broadway and Ikebukuro. Check them out, and if you enjoy the series please do like, subscribe and share the videos with friends to support the channel! The more support there is, the more content can be made and the bigger and better Cosplay Life can become!

You can also check out Episode 1, Akihabara on the blog here or by visiting the Cosplay Life channel.

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Hello 2017, Hello “Cosplay Life”!

Happy new year everyone!

Over the winter holidays, I helped my good friend Lauren with a new video project for her new cosplay-centric YouTube Channel, Cosplay Life!

The first project is an overview of Shopping in Tokyo. During a recent visit to Japan, Lauren captured some footage around different districts in different stores to highlight what is available for cosplayers, whether it’s buying premade costumes, picking up accessories or looking for supplies to make your own costumes – there’s a little bit of everything for cosplay enthusiasts covered.

Shopping in Tokyo is a four part series covering stores found in Akihabara, Nakano Broadway and two parts dedicated to Ikebukuro. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful if you’re planning to take a trip to Tokyo!

If you liked part one, please do help support by liking the video and subscribing! There’s a lot more exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned!

Aside from working on Cosplay Life, how has cosplay been treating me?

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