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So YOU Want To Enter WCS?

So. The UK Preliminaries for World Cosplay Summit are approaching fast, and in under less than 5 weeks next year’s UK representatives will be chosen! This year the preliminaries are hosted at Play Expo in association with Hyper Japan!


As one of this 2013’s representatives I highly recommend and encourage anyone willing to enter – it’s an amazing experience and a fun-filled 10 day trip in Nagoya with some of the most amazing, talented cosplayers you’ll ever meet! No matter how long you’ve been into the hobby, or what your reason to enter may be, as long as you’re enthusiastic enough about cosplay to go for it it’s worth giving it a try. The great thing about WCS is that everyone is there because of their love of cosplay!

This post is basically a bit of advice I’m giving as a previous entrant, and to show what you should expect from the competition itself. WCS is a huge contest, but a lot of entrants don’t know much about the competition until they get there – myself included! – so I figured it was worth giving some advice from my personal experiences, not only for future entrants from the UK, but for cosplayers across the world wanting to give it a go!


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World Cosplay Summit 2013 – Pictures

World Cosplay Summit was a month ago now, so here’s a post of WCS “In Pictures”! Most of these are mine and some are from all over the internet, but they’re all here in a little collection of highlights of WCS for Team UK!

A lot of these photos are personal I guess, but I really wanted to show how much fun WCS was in all aspects. It’s not all serious business over there, and getting to hang out with the other teams was easily the best part of it all!


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Well, it happened, I made a cosplay-related blog at last! Hello and welcome!

Incase you couldn’t tell, that’s me above, cosplaying as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Always nice to put a face to a name! This blog is going to be a little place for me to post advice, progress, guides and of course general musings about all things cosplay, and probably some things not!

You can read a little more about me on the Profile page, see some of my costuming portfolio on the Costumes page, and follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I’m an avid tweeter and while most of my commentary is quite mundane I do post a lot of progress there too!

So I guess all that’s left is so say a nice little hello, hopefully you’ll like what you see!

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