2016 in Review

2016 is almost over, and what a year it’s been!

This year I made 9 new costumes, flew over to the Netherlands for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup with PopcornKuma, and somehow qualified for European Cosplay Gathering. It’s been a heck of a ride! If you’d like to know more, please read on.

🌟 Shallotte Elminus – Atelier Shallie
🌟 Taruto – Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto
🌟 Sakura Kinomoto (Mint) – Cardcaptor Sakura
🌟 Leon Magnus (School) – Tales of Link
🌟 Sakura Kinomoto (Nurse) – Cardcaptor Sakura
🌟 Sumomo – Chobits
🌟 Shia – Pita-Ten
🌟 Leon Magnus – Tales of Destiny
🌟 Edna (Xmas) – Tales of Zestiria

Shallotte was my biggest project of the year, followed closely by Sumomo! I learned a lot from both costumes and pushed myself a lot to get a good result. As I explained previously in Costume Roundup entries, I remade a lot of Shallie as I went and Sumomo was made with assistance from my sister for fitting; it was a long, frustrating process for both costumes, but I’m really glad with how they turned out overall.

This year has definitely been valuable for patience and learning that spending 3 hours on a small task is better than rushing it and remaking it later.

Taruto is a costume I made in 2006 and I’m glad I finally got to redo her. Along with Shia, they’re costumes that aren’t super popular but mean a lot to me. There’s something wonderful about waiting over 10 years to finally portray a character who influenced your life as you grew up.

Leon was a long time coming! I remade his classic outfit from Tales of Destiny and also his School costume from Tales of Link. While I’m still not totally happy with how my costume looks (mostly fitting, because I’m not as slim as he is..), I’m very happy I got to remake him at long last, and hope to do a nice shoot in the new year once Chaltier is complete with a Destiny group!

My least favourite outfits from the year are Sakura (mint dress) and Shia, both because of fabric choices or patterning issues. My aim for 2016 was “quality over quantity“, and both of them fell short of it for me. Thankfully they can both be fixed up if needed and they look nice in photos, but I’m still a bit disappointed in how they turned out.

Two costumes I didn’t include above were Umi and Nozomi (both from Love Live!); Umi was bought, and Nozomi was.. well.. barely a costume, rushed in around 3 days with a friend. Nozomi was a harsh lesson because I was so rushed it impacted badly on my health, which I never ever want to do again.

I also didn’t do a lot of shoots this year because of my health, but I really want to shoot some costumes when spring comes back around. I’m desperate to shoot Leon and Sumomo sometime!

So what’s next? Well, so far 2017 is looking like this!


🌟 Eleanor Hume – Tales of Berseria
🌟 Alisha Diphda (Default & After-Episode) – Tales of Zestiria
🌟 Edna – Tales of Zestiria
🌟 Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
🌟 Acerola – Pokemon Sun & Moon
🌟 Kurumi – Steel Angel Kurumi
🌟 ECG Solo 2017 Finals – ???

Most of these are actually kind of in-progress, which is nice! Projects like Alisha have carried over from 2016, where I didn’t have time to finish them, and Kurumi has been on my “remake” list for years. As with this year, I really want to focus on quality over quantity, starting nice and early and getting things organised in time for ECG.

My costume for ECG Solo 2017 Finals is hinted at above.. this costume should be obvious from the silhouette if you know the source! My aim for the final is to have an upbeat performance and while this costume looks a little simpler than some might expect, it should be a lot of fun on the big stage.

For events, I’m trying to keep things simple for now. I’m still unsure on what I can afford to attend, or what events I will or won’t be available for so right now it’s a short list, but I should be at Anime Go! (UK), Rai-Con (UK), Japan Expo (France) and EGX (UK).

Onwards and upwards for a bright, productive 2017!

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