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Costume Roundup & Photoset: Taruto

My second new costume of 2016 is Taruto from Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto (also known as Magical Meow Meow Taruto), a remake of a costume from 2006! My original web alias was Taruto!, and it was taken from this little one here. Until a few years ago I used to host the biggest English language Taruto fan-site (“Kyou no Hana”), too.

The series originally aired in Japan in 2001 and is pretty unknown, but I love it a lot. It takes pride of place at the top of my favourite ridiculously obscure anime list!


I wore her to Anime Go! this March and once the event was over, I did a small shoot in a nearby park for her which turned out pretty cute (and has the me of 2002 absolutely overjoyed). Once the weather improves I’m hoping to do another shoot with some cute props and accessories!

Photos by Frazzy

taruto-2 taruto-3 taruto-4

Looking at the costume now, the design is actually kind of horrible. Clashing colours everywhere and weird blunt square hair, but for nostalgia’s sake I really wanted to redo her. There are so few Taruto cosplayers that I wanted to be one of the few decent ones out there. There are still a few things I dislike about my new costume, but I think it’s a huge improvement from my original attempt. Let’s take a look!

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Anime Go!, March 12th

Last Saturday I attended Anime Go!, a new local event in Wallsend hosted by North Tyneside Libraries! Fellow cosplayer Little Rascal told me about the event a few months ago, and I volunteered to run some events for them. The event was aimed mostly at children aged 12+, but was open to all ages and was great fun for it’s first time running!

The library itself is lovely and spacious, with lots of activities to take part in for Anime Go! – tables laid with supplies for drawing and colouring in, a huge manga selection, a games console with Pokemon games to try, and of course the presentation area! There was even a small dealers hall with local artists and traders located on the lower floor, which was a lovely ‘welcome’ to the event. All of the library staff were wonderful and helpful throughout too!


Photo by Arphrial

I held a Cosplay Talk at 11am in the presentation area, covering basics like what is cosplay?how do I get started?, and how to buy/make costumes, as an introduction to the hobby! For such a small event, every seat was filled and there was a small crowd gathering too! It was only a 30 minute session, but once it was finished up I caught up with some of the audience to answer some questions, show some costume examples and generally say ‘hello’!

As you can see above, I wore Taruto from Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto! It’s a remake of an older costume, but pretty much everything besides the apron is new. It’s a really basic outfit but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out on the day, and even though nobody else knew the series I got lots of lovely comments from people!


Photo by North Tyneside Libraries

At 12:30 we had a little Cosplay Contest! With the event being aimed at beginners and children, I wanted a nice relaxed atmosphere and to get as many people as possible involved, so it was lovely and relaxed. Anyone in costume could get involved and join in at any time, introduce themselves and their costumes! There were still a few nerves, but pretty much everyone at the event in costume joined in, which is a win for me.

There was a huge range of different costumes from anime, manga, games, movies and original characters too! We all gathered at the end for a big group photo!


Photo by Arphrial

Once the Cosplay Contest finished, the library had a screening of Howl’s Moving Castle to enjoy before going home. I really hope they run more events like this in the future, and that I might be part of those too!

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Anime Go! Preparation!

This coming Saturday (12th March) I’ll be at a small local event in Wallsend Library, Anime Go! which is being hosted by North Tyneside Libraries! It’s the first event of it’s kind and definitely the first “official” event I’ve ever seen in Wallsend, so it should be a nice little starter. Hopefully from this weekend lots more will be popping up!

I’ll be there presenting a Cosplay Talk at 11am, and then the Cosplay Contest at 12:30pm! The talk will cover different topics within Cosplay, starting with Getting Involved in Cosplay and then Making and Buying Costumes, but there should be pointers and tips for people of all skill levels, not just beginners, and the contest is just a bit of fun on the day. If you’re going to be there, come along and say hi!


Since the event is small and local I decided to revamp one of my older costumes for the day – Taruto from Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto! She’s not a very well known character, but I wanted something cute and simple to wear for the day and this was perfect. Above you can see the work on the wig and tail – I made the tail using acrylic wool/yarn, and it’s turned out great!

I can’t wait to put the whole costume together once it’s finished, and hopefully get some nice photos at the event!

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