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Photoset: Reindeer Jude, Tales of Xillia

Slightly late but here, have a festive photoset!

This year I made Anna from Frozen, but didn’t have time for a proper shoot before Christmas (that’s what happens when you make a costume in 5 days, I suppose!). But last year I made Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia in his Christmas costume, a Santa-themed Reindeer. I did a little photoset or him last year with tons of seasonal treats and cookies. Some of them are a little compilation of photos, happy and festive!

Photos by Frazzy

3970v1 3981v1 3981and3970v1
4005v1 4006v1 4005and4006v1
4048v1 4053v1 4061v1

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Photoset: Jude Mathis, Tales of Xillia

Poor old blog, one day I’ll remember to update you regularly! You must feel so neglected.

But while I’ve not been blogging much, I’ve still been crafting! Here’s my most recent costume, Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia. Alnwick Garden had winter illuminations this year, which were perfect to recreate Fennmont, one of the main cities in the game, so we went adventuring for some photos!

I want to do a better shoot with props and weapons soon, and at least some with my lovely Milla (Lex Cosplay), so this certainly won’t be the last of Jude!

Photos by Arphrial

jude-1 jude-2
jude-3 jude-4

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Photoset: Lambdadelta, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

So it’s Halloween today, and this year I did a nice themed photoshoot!! This was so much fun to prepare and while not everything went to plan, the photos turned out wonderful! Lambdadelta from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni was perfect for the sort of ‘creepy cute’ I wanted in a Halloween shoot!

It was also nice to actually get photos of this costume at last – I made this costume in 2010 and was really proud of it, but didn’t get any good photos at the time. It was a nice opportunity to overhaul the things I didn’t like and get some good photos!

Photos by Felixize

01 - uysfCLn 02 - 2MOzDdC 03 - T3tIdix
07 - Bk5QHUf 06 - j738W7f 05 - C2XTND2
09 - m0wo2KK 08 - hGZhSCm 11 - 0Od1jzU

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Photoset: Anise Tatlin, Tales of the Abyss

So things have been a wreck at home and I’ve been procrastinating like mad. Until I have something worthwhile to post, have a nice new fancy very recent photoset, Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss!

This costume is actually quite old now (4 years), but I still love it. Anise is a total cutie brat. And any excuse to carry around Tokunaga is a good one! I actually made my own Tokunaga back in the day, but gave him to Hideo Baba (producer of Tales of) as a gift, so I was Tokunaga-less until not long ago. Now I have the official plush which has a HUGE head. He’s also very comfy to sleep on, incase you were curious!

Photos by Felixize

zoopzoop3 zoopzoop 18 - ABejy2k
11 - DyIY5sI 12 - dvRMlJf 08 - eZHTee3
06 - 1p2pD71 zoopzoop2 05 - XutNanG

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Photoset: Alicia, Tales of Zestiria

Long time no photoset!

After Japan Expo I really wanted to get some nice photos of Alicia. I’m hoping to do another “Learning Curves” roundup post on her soon with some last bits of progress, but she was finished in time for the Tales of Ambassador competition and is probably one of the neatest costumes I’ve ever made. So obviously a shoot was needed!

I’m hoping to be part of two.. possibly even three?! Tales of Zestiria groups over the next year too, so this won’t be the last set this costume gets! I can’t wait until the game comes out to meet all of the characters!

I’ve not included any of the stage photos here, since there are already some in my Japan Expo post.

Photos by Frazzy

4364 v1 4373 v1 4435 v1
4462 v1 4486 v1 4505 v1

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