Costume Roundup: Nurse Sakura

Time for the next Costume Roundup, and this time it’s Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura, this time in an adorable Nurse outfit! Myself and PopcornKuma wanted to make a cute Sakura duo for AnimeCon earlier this year, and we decided on these adorable outfits.

I was Sakura in our duo but the costumes are pretty much identical, so most of my notes apply to both costumes!


The first thing about these outfits is that we tweaked the colours. There are some figures where the colours are less “coral” and more “pink”, so we went for that colour scheme instead. Otherwise they were quite straight forward costumes to make and super cute to wear!

My makeup and wig are the same as my usual Sakura, which is detailed a little more in this previous Costume Roundup.

With this costume I actually don’t like my wig at all and may invest in a slightly darker brown one; mine is a golden brown like the manga art, but I think it clashes against the pink. I also think it needs more volume to compensate for the nurse’s hat, which I can add later. But lesson learned, I’ll know to tweak it for next time!


For the costumes themselves we used two shades of pink bi-stretch polyester suiting, mostly because it’s cheap but also because it doesn’t crease terribly and it meant less work to iron them when we arrived at the event. The bi-stretch was a little thin so they’re both lined with baby pink anti-static lining.

The dress was the biggest part of this costume and myself and Bernie live at opposite ends of the country, so it was tricky to get them to match. She did a lot of the adjustment work first and then sent me the patterns after, so I can’t take too much credit for the final shape – she did an amazing job adjusting it the way we wanted them to be! It still took some work on my end to adjust it to my size and get the proportions correct, but pretty much all of the edits were Bernie’s handiwork. She also adjusted the sleeves from a different pattern to have the super cute poof, supported by two layers of netting inside.

We decided from the beginning that we wanted princess seams and a zipper up the back, with a circle skirt integrated into the pattern itself. We ended up using Burda 6821 as a base and added more of a flare in the skirt panels. The pink panel was also drafted to fit up the front and attaches with buttons up either side, reinforced with interfacing to keep it sturdy and help hold out the front of the dress.

The collar panel (not pictured above) is also made separately, securing under the dress with a popper. It was the neatest and easiest way to close the dress while staying comfortable!


Due to time constraints Bernie didn’t have enough time to make all of her accessories, so I made both sets of hats, pins and gloves.

The hats are made from the same fabric as the dresses and were made from a pattern Bernie already had from SWAG Cosplay, originally for Vocaloid “Love Ward” hats. A few little adjustments and they worked perfectly for us, too! They also have a tutorial on how to fold the hats here, which was incredibly useful. They were finished off with buttons, sewn closed by hand and then secured in our wigs with hairpins.

The wing pins are made from two layers of foam (the top layer forms the top feather and curl for depth), covered in black worbla, primed with PVA and then spray painted gold. On the back of each wing there is a gold brooch pin that makes them easy to position on the hats and dresses. There are also two tiny ones, one each for the back of the hats to close them just to finish them off a little.

The gloves are made from a contrast pink that’s darker than everything else, but was the closest colour I could find in stretch jersey. I originally tried to make the gloves from the same bi-stretch but it was impossible with the time I had left, so we opted for these instead. They were made by drawing around my hand .. pretty basic, but hey, it worked!


The wings were tricky and took a few attempts, before caving and doing the most basic set in the book.. wire coat hangers and foam! The wire is shaped into a “U” shape that fits through a bra strap for support and then out through two eyelets in the back of the dress. They’re easy to store and pack, and really light to wear, too!

These are made from three layers of craft foam; a large inner layer (the main wing), then two identical layers of the “curl” that runs along the top of the wing. The outer layers are glued in place on top of the inner layer, covering a thin channel (approx 5mm wide) running along the inside where the wire inserts. The wings are also primed with mod podge to keep them sturdy, then finished with a few sprays of mica powder so they have some sparkle, too.

The wand should be the Bird Wand but mine needs repainting – so I used my Star Wand instead. It was 3D printed for me by Chompworks, a UK-based company who specialise in cosplay props and accessories! I’ll have the bird one ready for next time. (You can check out Chompworks’ Sakura Wand set on Etsy here!)


Socks and shoes were both bought; in the art their shoes aren’t visible, then on figures they go between shoes and boots, so we went for something cute that we liked instead of something “accurate”! Bernie found these adorable “Angelic Imprint” shoes with little wings on the back. With some little frilly socks they really added to the look!

We didn’t get many photos together at the event, but we’ll be doing a proper photoshoot soon; in the meantime if you have any questions with this costume, techniques or anything else, please feel free to ask!

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