Costume Roundup & Photoset: Sakura

My third finished costume of 2016 is another of Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura! Also my third Sakura costume, hurray! The ball is well and truly rolling on my Sakura kick, with at least another two costumes in the pipeline. Not that I’m complaining!


This costume is from a piece of artwork with Tomoyo, with a lovely floaty green dress with cream accents. I made this in time for the cherry blossoms blooming this spring and did a mini photoset. I adore how the green matches the pink and the colours pop!

Admittedly the costume isn’t quite finished yet in these photos (it’s missing the wings), but they’ll be added for next time when hopefully I’ll have my Tomoyo join me too.

Photos by Arphrial

sakuramint-1 sakuramint-2 sakuramint-3

Considering how simple the costume is this roundup won’t be particularly long, but I wanted to share some comments on fabric choices and construction anyway as this was one of the easier costumes I’ve made lately!


My wig is my usual Sakura wig with a little bit of teasing and hairspray for bounce. The pigtails are tied with ribbons made from acetate trim and a gorgeous crochet trim, sewn together then secured with bobby pins, and the choker is just some ribbon with light starching tied at the back of my neck.

I always love doing my makeup for Sakura, it’s one of the few costumes I get to use a nice bit of coral with because of her wig and it looks nice and natural. I also get to use the cutest false eyelashes with this one (Eylure 083) which I just love!

The dress is made from polyester and chiffon – I adored the layered effect for this style of dress and it creates the perfect floaty look. Admittedly I did have a lot of issues with using chiffon, and the dress has some flaws because of it; the skirt is made with two full circles which sit on the natural bias of the fabric in places, and as a result the dress has an uneven hem from the weight of it around the edge. It does look beautiful in motion, but because of the fabric choice it was pretty much unavoidable which is frustrating!

Next time I’ll pad it with more petticoats and hope for the best!


The dress was made from the same bodice pattern I made for Taruto, which was designed to help flatten the bust. The skirt sits very high to help with the proportions on the reference, resting just above my waist, but this also helps the skirt flare nicer than a lower hem and allows more space for petticoats! The collar is finished with a nice brodrie-anglais lace, gathered by hand and secured in place, and the sleeves are gathered with elastic for ease when wearing.

For the skirts, I wanted a pretty, floaty edge – so it is edged with a “lettuce hem” overlock. Using a rolled hem would have created too much weight for it to hang correctly, so this was a nice simple way to finish the edge – by pulling the fabric gently as it sewed it created a gentle wave, exactly what I was after.

I also finished the bottom of the dress once it was overlocked with a single line of blue machine embroidery to match the trim in the art – again, using a physical trim would have been too heavy, but by sewing it using a pattern it was light enough to hang correctly!


Socks and shoes were both bought; the socks are actually the same ones I used for my Prince Sakura costume. They’re cute and ruffly at the top so they were perfect already. The shoes are plain mint green flats with bow details, but for events I intend to get some small heels to help lift the dress. But they did nicely for a little shoot.

The wand was 3D printed for me by Chompworks, a UK-based company who specialise in cosplay props and accessories! They kindly made me the raw print for the top and bottom of the wand, which was sanded, primed and painted by me then finished off with a wooden dowel for the rod. The gold detailing is spray paint, then the pink, red and white are acrylics, painted by hand and finished with layers of gloss and Mod Podge. I absolutely love it and it really completes the costume.
(You can also check out Chompworks’ Sakura Wand set on Etsy here!)

Next time I wear her I want to make the little wings to complete the outfit – hopefully with my lovely matching Tomoyo, Felixize! If you have any questions with this costume, techniques or anything else, please feel free to ask!

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2 thoughts on “Costume Roundup & Photoset: Sakura

  1. krysta says:

    oh wow! i’m glad i found this! i was looking through cardcaptor artwork on a whim for AX inspiration and decided I’d make Tomoyo from this picture! i’ll be using some of what i learned from here. thanks 🙂

    1. exelia says:

      You’re very welcome! I hope your costume goes well for you <3

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