Alisha Diphda

2014 // “Runner-Up” for the Tales of Ambassador contest at Japan Expo, 2014 // Photos by Jaeger
from Coscraft/Arda Wigs

Tales of Zestiria had just been announced and I loved the design right away. I decided to make this for the Tales of Ambassador competition at Japan Expo 2014, and also for a bit of a challenge! When it was made, there was limited reference material so I will be remaking a lot of this costume to make it more accurate soon (also because Alisha is awesome, and I want to do it properly!)

The costume was carefully patterned from scratch. The tunic was the most difficult part, especially the back emblem which was made up of 12 separate embroidered panels which had to be carefully aligned. Most of it was made with different types of canvas cotton with faux leather accessories. This was also my first attempt at making any kind of armour, using foam & worbla.

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