Calamity Clara

2010 // “Third Place” for the Hyper Japan Cosplay Award, 2010 // Photos by Frazzy
Wig from Coscraft

Skies of Arcadia has always been my favourite game, and Clara is so ridiculous and charming. I made this costume as well as Gilder for Alielle back in 2010 for Hyper Japan’s Cosplay Award, where we placed third!

This costume was made in roughly 3 weeks and took a lot of effort. The trim was fully embroidered by machine in 12 different panels per side, finished with gold bias. The coat is made from an interfaced polycotton with velour bows sewn in place and faux leather accessories. The dress underneath is made from duchess satin with a petticoat sewn in with lace edging. The gloves were also made from scratch from faux leather with stud detailing and all of the clip accessories were made from Sculpey!

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