Eiko Carol

2012 // Winner of “World Cosplay Summit” Qualifier, Team UK 2013 // Photos by Frazzy & Andy Draper
Wig from eBay “Ruler”

Made to go with Yuka Cosplay as Vivi, these were our qualifying costumes for WCS back in 2012!

Eiko is made in 4 main parts; the pink spandex bodysuit, the red cotton shirt, the yellow dungarees and then the boots. The shirt has the gloves sewn into place, and the dungarees have the socks sewn all-in-one too. Extra straps and belts were also secured in place on the day. The wig was trimmed into a bob by Yuka, with the bow and horn secured in place. Finally, the Fairy Flute was made from a real twig and fake leaves!

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