Eleanor Hume

2017 // Photos by Jaeger
from Arda Wigs

I adore the Tales Series and couldn’t wait for Berseria to launch. The cast are all a little odd, but I really loved Eleanor’s look and she’s a wonderful character.

The ivory dress, gold trims and blue sleeves are made from duchess satin. The bolero is made from navy suedette which fastens to the front of the dress to keep everything in place. The applique collar is separate from the dress and secures in place with snap fasteners on the front. The shape of the dress is supported by a large petticoat underneath, hidden by the baby blue frill trim. The accessories were made from different textured fabrics and scraps of worbla, primed with glue and painted.

The wig is styled from a Peony Pink “Lulu” with two clip ons I made from a pack of wefts and some small clips! The kanzashi flowers in the wig are removable and were made by my sister, with an additional set made by Gyaza Crafts.

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