Kefka Palazzo

2013 // Worn at World Cosplay Summit 2013, Team UK // Photos by LJinto & LoveLoveCosplay
Wig from Arda Wigs

Made to go with Yuka Cosplay as part of World Cosplay Summit! Kefka was my costume for the staged finals. Kefka is a costume I always wanted to do but never really had an opportunity to – until now!

There are SO many different details on this costume, it was a real challenge to add them all. There are 15 different scarves and sashes on the costume, each one unique, so it took a lot of co-ordination. The bulk of it was made in 4 parts – a bodysuit, trousers, cape/scarves and the boots, with smaller accessories added. The wig was styled with a lot of help from Yuka, and has feathers and beads sewn into it underneath the ponytail.

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