Komugi Nakahara

2013 // Worn at World Cosplay Summit 2013, Team UK // Photo by Yuka Cosplay & Noriaki-san
Wig from eBay “CosplayWig”

I made Komugi back in 2009, but hated the costume so I remade it! I love her to bits and still want to fix her up a little but I’m much happier with this version.

The dress is made from polyester with cotton trims and cuffs. The petticoat is also cotton with a pointed trim. The hat is fleece with wire inside the ears to help them stand up and so they can be positioned when it is worn. The bag is also made from cotton, with a cardboard stay inside to help keep the shape sturdy and with a velcro closure. The socks were custom dyed blue and all of the stars and moon were handsewn into place.

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