Leon Magnus

2016 // Photos by Arphrial
Wig from Ayanamisatoru

I really wanted to remake my Leon costume from 2013, and it finally happened! With much nicer materials and a bit less rushing this time.

The jacket is made from a lush blue cashmere mink wool, with red wool and cotton for the collar and blue anti-static lining. The amount of fabric I had was limited, so it was patterned very carefully to match the seams in the artwork. The sleeves are finished with off-white crepe, black cotton, purple chiffon & matching bias made from gold dupioni. The cape is made from a heavy linen blend with a separate cowl for volume.

The silver choker & accessories are made from foam & worbla which is primed with glue & painted, attached to the costume with hooks. The blue gems are made from resin, finished with worbla edges which help fasten the cape in place.  The belt is made from off-white faux leather with punched eyelets and a modified buckle. The trousers were bought, and the boot covers are made from matching blue wool.

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