Madoka Kaname

2014 // “2nd Place” in the SunnyCon Cosplay Contest, 2014 // Photos by Frazzy
Wig from MoeMall

I adore Madoka and her design is just wonderful. Pink, yellow, white and frilly! At first I was too nervous to, but I saw so many amazing Madokas at World Cosplay Summit 2013 I wanted to try and make her.

The pink fabric was custom dyed to match the wig, and gradiented for the skirt. All of the shapes were patterned from scratch and I am very proud of the shape of the skirt and petals over the huge petticoat to create the “mushroom” shape. The wig was styled from a back-parted ChibiUsa wig, which I dyed twice with pink to get Madoka’s candy pink hair and the soul gem is made from sculpey and resin.

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