Rita Mordio “Kitty Cat”

2014 // Photos by Gautier Bld & Der_Dreh
Wig from eBay

Myself, Lumis.Mirage and Lex Cosplay made the Vesperia maid costumes for a Tales of Cheesia for a “Vesperia Cafe” stage performance! Admittedly Rita isn’t one of my favourite characters, but the design is cute and it was fun to be totally grumpy on stage for once in a while!

The shirt was made from a light polycotton, with functional kitty paw buttons and a fake tie. The apron has a zipper compartment for storage and bondawebbed detailing. The skirt is probably my favourite bit, made from a heavy drill with horsehair braid and hand gathered trim so it sticks out all cute and puffy! Finally, accessories were made from worbla and resin, and the book was hand painted to match the “Lovely Cat Dictionary”.

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