Sakura Kinomoto “Nurse”

2016 // Photo by PhotoGoku
Wig from eBay

Another Sakura, this time to go with, PopcornKuma as Tomoyo! We decided on these adorable pink nurse outfits as an extra costume for AnimeCon to go with our costumes for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup.

The dresses are made from polyester bi-stretch with custom made buttons and accessories – we shared the pattern to get the exact same shape and style, with lots of modifications by PopcornKuma! The collars are separate and inserted under the main dress to fit smoothly.

The hats are the same bi-stretch with interfacing and batting to help them stand, finished with wing pins made from foam and worbla, and the gloves are made from contrasting cotton jersey. Finally, my wonderful wand was made by Chompworks!

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