Shallotte Elminus

2016 // Winner of “European Cosplay Gathering” Qualifier, UK Solo 2017 // Photos by Arphrial & Katapon
from Arda Wigs

I adore the Atelier designs and was itching to make a new costume! My friend Lex Cosplay made Shallistera in 2015, so I decided to make Shallotte to match her. Each piece was patterned from scratch and some pieces took repeat attempts, but I love the result.

For the main costume, the jacket was custom dyed and is made from brushed polycotton for the ‘soft’ artwork look. The patch on the arm was kindly made by Paper Cranes. The skirt fabric is a beautiful tartan plaid, fully interfaced and finished with ribbon detailing. The hat is made from fleece jersey, lined with soft-pile fleece and finished with hand dyed wool.

For the accessories, the belt is made from suedette with eyelet details and a fleece interlining to help hold the shape. The buckle and belt tip are made from worbla with resin accessories. The bag is made from a textured canvas cotton, fully lined and weaved to the belt through the eyelets. Finally, the gloves are made from orange jersey with liquid satin details and with suedette palms.

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