2016 // Photos by Arphrial
from eBay “CosplayWig”

Pita-Ten is my favourite manga, and I’ve always wanted to make Shia; some of the pieces on this costume I’ve had waiting to be used since 2006!

The dress is made from white drill and is an originally patterned “tent dress” with a yoke at the top, so the shoulders are fitted but the rest of the dress flares out with plenty of volume. The sleeves have wire in the edge so they can be bent into shape and are finished with grosgrain ribbon fed through 16 individual buttonholes per sleeve. There is a black layer of georgette gathered into the yoke for the black underskirt.

The hat is made from Fosshape, similar to the hat I made for Sumomo, covered in wadding and then fabric and finished with grosgrain ribbon and little leatherette wings. The brown bow on the hat and also for the sash is made from chiffon. The boots and all of the roses were bought.


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