2016 // Photos by Frazzy
from Arda Wigs

A remake of one of my old costumes from 2006, at long last! The dress is made from purple and white polycotton. The yellow bow is made from drill completed with a pink bell, sewn to the purple dress above the line where the apron sits. The apron was commissioned from an eBay seller back in 2006 and reused from my older costume.

The ears are made from foam, fleece and glued wefts which are sewn into the wig, then trimmed and styled into a rounded bob. The wig has extensions at the back styled into her little braid. The tail is made from brushed acrylic wool/yarn, following this “yarn tail” tutorial on DeviantArt. The tail has wire throughout the core to help it bounce and keep its shape when worn!

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