These costumes are so cute! Myself and Yuka decided to make Dejiko & Rabi~en~Rose to wear together for World Cosplay Summit 2013 as simple, comfy costumes during the parades.

The manga artist for Di Gi CharatKoge Donbo has created some of my favourite series so something by her was one of my first choices for Japan. It’s a little old, maybe..? But sometimes it’s nice to go classic! We had a lot of people recognise us and comment on our costumes!

The best part of these costumes was getting to be “in character”, pulling silly faces and playing around with each other all day!

Materials Used:

  • Cotton • Dress, Apron, Petticoats
  • Fleece • Hat, Gloves, Tail, Boots
  • Wig •  Suzuko Kanzaki Wig “AKB48” from MoeMall
World Cosplay Summit 2013

Cosplayers Featured:

  • Dejiko “Di Gi Charat” • Exelia
  • Usada “Rabi~en~Rose” • Yuka


Construction Notes:
This costume didn’t take very long to make and it was really simple to construct. The most important thing when making this costume was to use lightweight, comfortable fabrics, because Japan in July is super hot! Choosing something with puff sleeves and an apron helped disguise sweaty spots and the loose fitting at the waist helped with air circulation.

I made most of my costume out of cotton so it could breathe easily when standing in the heat, with fleece for the hat, gloves, tail and boots. The gloves were the worst – super sweaty fleece gloves aren’t pleasant! Thankfully because they’re so oversized, it was easy to remove them when we weren’t in the public eye to cool down.