One of the few western game titles I actually played in the last 10 years! The Bioshock universe has such incredible designs and I loved the city of Columbia featured in Bioshock Infinite.

I made this costume twice – both times with limited materials, very few references and not much time – so unfortunately it’s not one of my best costumes. I also made Booker DeWitt for Arphrial.

I decided to share it anyway to display some of the nice photos I have of it during a sunrise on the promenade, and on a trip to Beamish!

Materials Used:

  • Cotton Velvet • Bolero, Skirt
  • Duchess Satin • Cuffs
  • Grosgrain Ribbon • Choker
  • Wig Leslie in H27/30 from New Look Wigs
SunnyCon 2013
AyaCon 2013

Cosplayers Featured:

  • Elizabeth Comstock • Exelia
  • Booker DeWitt • Arphrial


Construction Notes:
You can see a selection of progress images in the Construction Gallery.

This costume isn’t one of my best and it was made very quickly. The original was made from navy cotton, which was cut up and repurposed as a pattern for the second version which I made from cotton velvet. The velvet was a little too thick for the costume but it photographed very nicely!

The wig was reused from an older costume. It’s a Leslie in H27/30 from New Look Wigs. The wig is a little long and curls outwards but I liked the style of it rather than a heavy bob (it was a fair compromise when working to a tight schedule).

The choker was made from grosgrain ribbon with two lines of lace. The pattern was drawn on by hand using a silver permanent marker. The cameo was made from a brooch back and sculpey, carved with a pin and painted.

The bolero was made from cotton velvet with ivory duchess satin cuffs, lined with anti-static lining. The pattern was drafted by myself from an existing jacket.

The corset was bought then modified. I removed some of the front detail, changed the lacing up the back and added lace around the top.

The skirt is made from matching cotton velvet; it’s a 2/3 width circle skirt gathered at the side seam to create the pull. There is a petticoat made from anti-static lining sewn into the waistband with a lace trim.

The boots were bought.