Continuing with my Tales of Vesperia obsession in 2010, I made Karol too! Bless the boy!

Not the nicest design but he sure stands out! Lots of bright colours and simple shapes, and of course his iconic bag. I loved experimenting with proportions with this costume to try and make myself look smaller, and it was nice to have a functional bag to carry at events for once!

I also made Girly Karol in 2015 for a silly Tales group with friends. I’ve included some of the photos in this gallery rather than making a separate entry for a throwaway costume. Girly was made for a stage performance with Bandai Namco at Japan Expo 2015!

Materials Used:

  • Polyester Bi-Stretch • Neckscarf, Jacket, Trims
  • Polycotton • Jacket, Belt, Bag
  • Cotton • Trousers
  • Wig Random in Gold-Tea Mix from Zephyr
Auchinawa 2010
Midlands Expo 2011
Japan Expo 2015

Cosplayers Featured:

  • Karol Capel • Exelia
  • Yuri Lowell • __Jaeger
  • Rita Mordio • Emi-zone
  • Estellise Sidos Heurassein • Yuka


Cosplayers Featured (“Girly”):


Construction Notes:
These notes refer to the original Karol costume. There are no construction notes for Girly.

This costume was a lot of fun to make! The bright colours and silly proportions kept it interesting. I adore Karol as a character but hardly anyone cosplays him! I often wonder if it’s because of his personality.. or perhaps his gaudy outfit..

The wig is the style Random in Gold-Tea Mix from Zephyr. It’s not particularly “accurate” on colour but when I was ordering I decided to go for something a bit more interesting to break up the block colours of his costume.

The neckscarf was made from red polyester bi-stretch. It’s sewn pretty much as it looks – a long strip to be tied around with a large point in the middle. The edges are tipped into points. This way it always looks perfect and doesn’t need any folding!

The jacket was made from white bi-stretch with light green polycotton panels. The body is based on a kimono pattern, with wide capped sleeves attached. The green panel seams are patterned to match the design and join at the shoulders. The blue spots are polycotton, cut and attached with bondaweb. The jacket closes with snap fasteners.

The t-shirt was a plain long sleeved navy t-shirt I bought. The sleeves were trimmed and resewn to a better length.

The gloves were plain white medical gloves I bought and added the grey cuff to.

The trousers were made from mustard cotton. They’re oversized on the legs but fit comfortably at the waist with a normal zipper closure. The belt hides a seam where the waist curve is attached, and the cuffs are also attached to separate panels at the bottom so they taper more comfortably rather than being gathered. Most importantly, there’s two huge functional pockets!

The belt was made from polycotton and thick interfacing. It’s a fixed length and closes with a hook and bar fastening, hidden by one of the belt loops. The buckle is from Le Prevo Leathers.

This was the first bag I’d ever made, what a project to start with! Because it was so big I found it easier to plan the order things needed to be sewn in, blocking the colours and where to attach the bias. It is made from blue polycotton and is fully lined with yellow. The inside is supported with interfacing, and the blastia detail on top is made from sculpey.

The socks were bought and the shoes were a pair of black clogs.