I made Lambdadelta from Umineko to complete a group with friends in 2010! I love her creepy-cute design.

This was one of my earliest costumes where I drafted my own pattern and it definitely shows on the fit, but I was very proud of it at the time! I really enjoyed getting all of the accessories together and making all of the candy bows.

I finally fixed up this costume in 2014 for a photoshoot with __Jaeger right before Halloween. Pumpkins galore!

Materials Used:

  • Polyester Bi-Stretch • Hat, Dress, Bows, Trims
  • Cotton • Petticoats, Trims
  • Felt • Decorations
  • Jersey • Socks
  • Wig •  Discontinued Style from Coscraft


AmeCon 2010

Construction Notes:
I learned a lot while making this costume, and I’m thankful I made it. It’s not particularly complicated but it’s one of those “milestone” costumes that helped me learn how patterning and shapes work with clothing.

The original wig was a mess, so I replaced it with a short wig from Coscraft for the Halloween photoshoot. I trimmed the fringe and the edges into a soft bob. The wig has a small “butterfly” clip which is made out of sculpey on one side and a bow on the other, both attached to bobby pins.

The hat was made from pink bi-stretch with grosgrain ribbon around the inside edge. The hat is just a large gathered circle. The bows are sewn on to the hat directly, and each bow is finished with a cover button sewn to the centre to create the “candy” shape.

The necklace was commissioned from a local jeweler. I attached the bow in the centre by sliding it around the pearls.

The dress was made from bi-stretch and is sewn as one piece, with two cotton petticoats attached inside. It is made as a simple bodice based on McCall’s 4948 Queen of Hearts with the skirts attached at the waist. The long draped skirt at the back continues around the front and is covered by the smaller “apron” skirt. The pumpkin and leaf detail are made from felt attached with bondaweb to cover where the string of pearls are sewn to the skirt.

Each of the bows on the costume were made from red bi-stretch, hand sewn to the costume. The ones up the middle back of the dress are sewn on one side and snap fasten over the zipper closure.

The gloves were bought and modified to have a small section of lace around the top.

The socks were made from striped jersey with cotton & bi-stretch detailing around the top. The shoes were bought as plain red maryjanes and had a bow glued to the front.