Continuing with my love of the Tales series, I decided to make a costume from Tales of Xillia before it launched in the west to meet Hideo Baba. Of the designs I liked, Milla seemed like the simplest one to make in a limited amount of time, and was also the most recognisable.

Unfortunately this is another costume I made very quickly, so some details are missing – but it was a lot of fun to make and wear! I also wore this costume to World Cosplay Summit 2013 during the Ichinomiya Parade.

This costume was retired after Japan. The whole costume is a little out of my comfort zone, but Milla is a great character so I’m glad I her costume regardless.

Materials Used:

  • Cotton • Top, Skirt, Trims, Boots
  • Faux Leather • Choker, Gloves, Straps, Boots
  • Scuba Jersey • Gloves
  • Grosgrain Ribbon • Trims
  • Wig • 2x 110cm Wave in Soft Gold from AyanamiSatoru, dyed
MCM London Comic Con May 2013
World Cosplay Summit 2013

Construction Notes:
You can see a selection of progress images in the Construction Gallery.

This costume was made in roughly 4 days, so some pieces are missing or are badly fitted. Many of the pieces made from faux leather were damaged in storage so this costume is retired.

The wig is made from two 110cm Wave wigs in Soft Gold from AyanamiSatoru, sewn together by me and dyed with FW Ink in Sepia and Black to create the gradient from the crown to the tips. It was a lot of fun to separate the layers out for the dye when working on the wig, and I’m still very happy with the result. The green strip was a hair extension sewn into place as I didn’t have time to style her ahoge properly.

The choker is made from faux leather with green and silver gems attached to it. I followed the reference by Kousuke Fujishima as shown in the gallery for most details – in the game or anime art, the choker is much less detailed.

The top is made of two pieces – the faux leather strap panels and the cotton “tube top”. They are sewn together at the sides and close with pins attached to the tube top, hidden inside the front seams. This way it was easy to put on or take off and did not have any exposed closures.

The gloves were made in three parts – a small glove made from scuba jersey, a long sleeve, and an elbow guard made from faux leather, cotton and grosgrain ribbon trims. The join for the glove is hidden by the white guard at the end of the sleeve section. The elbow guard attached with velcro. These were incredibly fiddly and are missing a lot of detail against the references.

The skirt was made from the same baby pink cotton as the tube top. It was a rectangle with darts fitted at the sides, with a cut up the side of the leg which closed with a ribbon. The flower decal on the front and back was made from green cotton which was dyed to have the purple gradient, finished with bias binding detail at the edge.

The leg strap was made from faux leather, sewn to a plain black pair of panties to keep it in place.

The boot covers were attached to a pair of ankle-high black wedge boots. These were also very unfinished and had detail missing. The main body was made with the same pink cotton as the rest of the costume, with faux leather detail and grosgrain ribbon edging.