I loved the original Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha & A’s series, so when StrikerS was announced and there was an “older version” of Nanoha’s design, it was perfect! The design is still her classic look but a little more mature.

This costume is beautifully made, a custom commission by Paper Cranes Cosplay! I sorted the wig and accessories, and for a later photoshoot I made the Raising Heart prop.

Materials Used:

  • Polyester Bi-Stretch • Jacket, Shirt, Skirts, Trims
  • Faux Leather • Waist
  • Wig •  “Two Long” in Brick Red from Cyperous
AmeCon 2010

Construction Notes:
This costume was made for me by Paper Cranes Cosplay, so all I had to do was buy the wig and make the accessories.

The wig is a “Two Long” in Brick Red from Cyperous. It didn’t take much styling besides thinning the fringe a little and adding the white hair ties to the extensions. I left her fringe quite flat to look more natural, rather than trying to mimic cartoony spikes.

The Raising Heart prop was made by me, and was an early worbla project so it’s not particularly tidy, but it looked the part! I made it in Shooting Mode because it is my favourite variant.

The head was built up with layers of foam board and craft foam, with glue stick tubes for some of the details! The ball on the inside is a large bauble spray painted red. The base is also made from foam and worbla. All pieces were attached directly to a thick white PVC pipe, and cannot be detached.

The smaller Raising Heart necklace is the official replica from Japan.