Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is one of the most iconic series of all time for cosplayers, no? It’s also a great excuse to eat cake all day!

I originally made Stocking in one evening for a Cosplay Clubnight at University, before remaking her to wear at events. I took her as a comfortable backup costume to World Cosplay Summit 2013 and got some photos with Eetu Lampsijärvi at Orange Studio, which are featured in the gallery below.

The Honekoneko plush featured in photos 1-7 was made for me by Paper Cranes Cosplay. The slightly uglier one in photo 8 was made by myself.

Materials Used:

  • Polyester Bi-Stretch • Dress
  • Cotton • Bows, Collar, Cuffs, Trims
  • Jersey • Socks
  • Fleece • Honekoneko
  • Wig Stocking Character Wig from MoeMall
AyaCon 2011
World Cosplay Summit 2013
Densetsu 2015

Construction Notes:
I made this costume twice. The original dress I made was from scrap material and was binned shortly after, but gave me a good idea of how to make the costume properly and what to improve!

The wig is the Stocking Character Wig from MoeMall, bought via eBay. The length was already perfect even around the face so there was no trimming needed, just some straightening and combing! I love the colours of this wig against the black and white palette.

The bow is made from cotton with a thin layer of batting inside. The bow is attached to a hair slide which fits into the wig easily.

The dress is made from black bi-stretch with white cotton details. It was based on McCall’s 4948 Queen of Hearts for the bodice. On the original dress I made, I used the sleeves included in the pattern: when remaking it I refined the pattern, making these much smaller and gathering the puff closer to the arm. I also replaced the rectangle skirt with a circle pattern I drafted myself. Once the basic shape was sorted, I attached pieces like the “blouse” section and collar to the dress so it all fits as one piece.

The skirt is finished with acetate ribbon around the edge and a white pointed trim made from cotton. Each point was drawn and cut by hand, stitched and clipped then ironed flat. It’s a time consuming process, but I love the look of the clean pointed edge! The same technique was used for the cuffs on the dress.

The waist bow is made from the same cotton and batting as the one in the wig. It is fitted on a waistband and closes with a hook and bar fastening at the back.

The socks are made from jersey. I found this material locally and the proportions and colour for Stocking were perfect! The socks were patterned to fit around my leg and foot, trimmed and then sewn. They’re a little short compared to some references, but they vary between art.

The shoes are a pair of chunky black mary-janes I already had.

Honekoneko was originally made by me from fleece. He had a functional green zipper section up his back, so he could be used as a bag at events! I lost my original one, but was gifted a cute, chubby replacement from Paper Cranes Cosplay!