I bought this costume! It was the easiest way for a big group of friends to have matching uniforms, and they were very reasonably priced. We ordered individually from CosplaySky.

I hadn’t seen My Hero Academia when the group was suggested, but was quickly typecast as Tsuyu.. upon watching the series this was an excellent choice! She’s so quirky and cute! I’d like to make her “Froppy” Hero uniform one day, too.

All I needed to do was style a wig. The first wig I had was bought in a hurry but I have since styled a new wig for her with her signature bow.

Materials Used:

  • Costume •  Bought from CosplaySky
  • Wig •  Kitt & Wefts in Dark Green from Coscraft • felt • armature wire
KitaCon 2017

Construction Notes:

This costume was bought.

The wig was styled by myself from a Kitt & Wefts in Dark Green from Coscraft. The colour is perfect for Tsuyu and the faux hairline style was very easy to separate and modify for her little fringe.

The bow is made from two layers of felt, with a thin channel sewn at the edge and armature wire inserted. This way the bow can be bent and shaped easily if needed. The middle of the bow is extended,  so it can be bent around the bottom of the wig and secured with hair pins rather than attaching it with a bobble or velcro. It also makes it much easier to store!

The felt was stiffened with PVA glue first. Strips of the wefts were trimmed, sprayed with Got2B glued hairspray, then straightened on a low heat. Straightening the wefts makes the glue “set”, so it becomes easier to manipulate the hair. The first layer of the bow was done by wrapping hair around the shape and securing it with glue. Once the shape was covered this way, I layered hair horizontally to mimic her bow more accurately and to make it look smoother.

It took a lot of time and patience, but considering the rest of the costume is bought it was nice to put extra effort into the wig!