Impossible is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit.”

Vyse the Legend! I adore Skies of Arcadia and Vyse is one of my favourite characters of all time. Cosplaying him was the perfect excuse to make my own Blue Rogues flag!

I originally made Vyse in 2008 as one of my first solo projects, but decided to remake him in 2013 in preparation for World Cosplay Summit. Shallowly, this costume was remade for the sole purpose of getting some cool photos to put on cosplay cards.. so he was very rushed both times. Maybe one day I’ll give his costume the time and dedication he deserves!

Materials Used:

  • Cotton • Shirt, Scarf
  • Faux Leather • Eyeglass, Belt, Straps
  • Faux Suede • Boots
  • Wig • Short Brown Spiked Wig from CosplayWig
2008, 2013

Construction Notes:
There are no progress photos for this costume in the Construction Gallery.

Most of this costume was bought and modified, and the boots were adapted from my original costume in 2008. The blue and red fabrics used for the shirt and scarf were materials I already had at home – not the most appropriate, but it worked well in a pinch!

The wig is a Short Brown Spiked Wig from CosplayWig, tamed with a little bit of hairspray.

The eyeglass was made from a pair of goggles I bought with a similar shape. The silver detailing was drawn on by hand around the rim and a faux leather strap was added, finished with a buckle and silver studs.

The scarf was made from red cotton. The main shape was a rectangle, with the edges tapered slightly wider to hang better.

The shirt was made from blue and red cotton. The shirt was patterned from an oversized men’s shirt, adapted to curve at the front and back and closing with a zipper. The sleeves were attached with red strips of bias. The belts at the wrists were made from cotton, attached with snap fasteners and finished with buckles made from worbla. The gold fixtures on the front of the shirt were made from worbla, heated over a clay mould.

The belt is made from faux leather, finished with an oversized buckle made from worbla. The faux leather was quite thin so most of the holes in the belt were non functional; they were shaded with paint and markers instead.

The turtleneck shirt and trousers were bought.

The boots were modified from a knee-high pair of suede boots. The fur around the top was glued in place and finished with an acetate ribbon tie. The front tongue panel and foot strap were made from a matching faux suede, finished with bias and worbla buckle detail.

The flag is made from cotton. The Blue Rogues emblem was painted by hand using a stencil.