Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou/Kare Kano/His & Her Circumstances was one of the first manga I read and it’s still a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Gotta love that high school drama!

Yukino was a character I’d always wanted to do but alone she’s not very recognisable.. until I managed to rope my partner Arphrial into being Arima. If there’s two of us it’s a little more recognisable.. right..? (Hint: it’s not. We were only recognised once, and that was only because we had Pero Pero)

These didn’t take long to put together and it was really satisfying to finally cosplay from Kare Kano. If you haven’t watched it or read it, please do!

Materials Used:

  • Polyester Bi-Stretch • Blazer
  • Cotton • Hairband, Skirt, Tie
  • Fleece • Pero Pero
  • Wig Red Bob Wig from Fantasy-Sheep
MCM London Comic Con October 2012
KitaCon 2015

Cosplayers Featured:

  • Yukino Miyazawa • Exelia
  • Soichiro Arima • Arphrial


Construction Notes:
This costume was pretty simple. I made the hairband, blazer, tie, skirt and Pero-Pero and none of it was particularly difficult.

The wig is a Red Bob Wig from Fantasy-Sheep that I trimmed a little. The fringe is a little too full for her design but I thought this looked more natural, rather than thinning the wig completely, and it meant I could reuse it for other characters if needed.

The hairband is made by covering a wide hairband with yellow fabric, finished with grosgrain ribbon on the inside.

The blazer is made from black polyester bi-stretch, lined with black cotton. I used a pattern for this, but can’t find which one it was. The buttons up the front are functional.

The skirt is made from blue cotton with strips of baby blue acetate ribbon to make the design. It was one of my first pleated skirts, and it’s not spaced very well or angled nicely.. I’d like to remake it someday. There was over 20m of ribbon used to make the stripe design.

The socks and shoes were bought.

Pero Pero is the “mascot” of the series and is easily recognised, so I made him to match our costumes. He’s made from fleece and stuffing and little felt features glued in place.