Hello 2017, Hello “Cosplay Life”!

Happy new year everyone!

Over the winter holidays, I helped my good friend Lauren with a new video project for her new cosplay-centric YouTube Channel, Cosplay Life!

The first project is an overview of Shopping in Tokyo. During a recent visit to Japan, Lauren captured some footage around different districts in different stores to highlight what is available for cosplayers, whether it’s buying premade costumes, picking up accessories or looking for supplies to make your own costumes – there’s a little bit of everything for cosplay enthusiasts covered.

Shopping in Tokyo is a four part series covering stores found in Akihabara, Nakano Broadway and two parts dedicated to Ikebukuro. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful if you’re planning to take a trip to Tokyo!

If you liked part one, please do help support by liking the video and subscribing! There’s a lot more exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned!

Aside from working on Cosplay Life, how has cosplay been treating me?

I’ve spent most of 2017 so far working on wigs, which is my least favourite task in cosplay. I don’t like wigs, they don’t like me. I hate the feeling of hair and glue so it’s like self inflicted torture at this stage.

I’ve been working on my wig for Eleanor mostly – at first I tried to style my own ponytail wig, but it didn’t work too well so I bought a replacement that was pre-styled. The new wig was dyed with iDye Poly which was new, then separated and styled with a glued hairline and a lot of hand sewing.. and it’s still not done yet. I’m also not too happy with it, it’s a bit too bright for my taste but I refuse to make a new one yet.

Ideally I want Eleanor done by the launch of Tales of Berseria, but considering how long it’s taken me just to do the wig.. uh.. it may take a bit longer than that.

It’s also barely over a week into 2017 and I’ve already changed my plans for the year, which are now looking something like this;


🌟 ECG Solo 2017 Finals – Aika – Skies of Arcadia
🌟 Eleanor Hume – Tales of Berseria
🌟 Alisha Diphda (Default & After-Episode) – Tales of Zestiria
🌟 Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
🌟 Acerola – Pokemon Sun & Moon
🌟 Kurumi – Steel Angel Kurumi
 Ayeka Masaki Jurai – Tenchi Muyo!

The biggest change here is that my ECG Finals costume is revealed: Aika from Skies of Arcadia! I’m super excited to work on her and I’ve already started on her wig and some accessories. I’m aiming to have the bulk of her costume done by the end of April.

I’ve also added Ayeka to the lineup, which will be for KitaCon. One of their guests, Petrea Burchard voiced Ryoko in the original Tenchi series, and.. well.. I couldn’t help myself to make something for the occasion! I don’t think I’d suit Ryoko at all so I’ll be her rival instead! This is one of my favourite outfits, even if it is from a uh.. questionable source.

I also removed one costume: Edna from Tales of Zestiria. After doing her Christmas outfit at the end of 2016, I decided I’m not as petite as I’d like to be for her, so she’s on the back burner for now.

I’ve planned most of my events now too;

🌟 Rai-Con – Glasgow UK, 4th March
🌟 Anime Go! – Wallsend UK, 11th March
🌟 Japan Expo – Paris FR, 6-9th July
🌟 KitaCon – Warwick UK, 18-20th August
🌟 EGX – Birmingham UK, 23-24th September

Here’s to an awesome and productive 2017!

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