Learning Curves: Alicia, Part Two

Alicia. Why are you taking so long? Stop being so needlessly detailed and we’ll be friends. As said last time, this costume has the lovely tagline of “I have no idea what I am doing”, and this is still true. But somehow things are pulling together and she should be ready for Japan Expo this July!

Right now the costume is about 90% finished and there’s only a few things left now – some extra trimming/styling on the wig, making the belts, and finishing the gauntlets! They’re all annoying jobs but I can’t wait until they’re finished. Here’s the reference and how it’s looking so far;

tales-of-zestiria-playstation-3_212616 CI_90460_1402836403

Being perfectly honest the whole costume has been kind of frustrating, even things like the dress were a bit of an ache – sorting the patterning was hard and the square details were really messy and awkward to do but it has turned out tidy and as accurate as it can be for how many references there are. But it looks tidy!

The armour is coming along quite nicely, and the boots are now complete. They’re not as tidy as the gauntlets, but they look pretty neat for my first attempt, and they’re functional! (This still amazes me). The shapes were particularly hard to do since it needed to be fitted around the ankle and wider at the top, but once I figured them out it was pretty easy to assemble. Everything is made with craft foam and worbla.

10441077_638949586192088_4331832186543495626_n CI_90460_1402697665

Unfortunately a lot of the armour has been compromised because I’m running out of time, so the boots aren’t fully primed, but they will do for now and I can always smooth and respray them later if I need to. You can see them completed in the photo at the top. The plastic kind of digs into my knees… but it’s not all bad, at least it keeps my posture in check!

So now I’m on the final stretch which is awesome. The gauntlets are the only big job left, and they’re almost done too. To be honest I can’t wait until this costume is finished so I never have to look at worbla again!

Posted on June 17, 2014 in Cosplay, Learning Curves
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