Photoset: Alicia, Tales of Zestiria

Long time no photoset!

After Japan Expo I really wanted to get some nice photos of Alicia. I’m hoping to do another “Learning Curves” roundup post on her soon with some last bits of progress, but she was finished in time for the Tales of Ambassador competition and is probably one of the neatest costumes I’ve ever made. So obviously a shoot was needed!

I’m hoping to be part of two.. possibly even three?! Tales of Zestiria groups over the next year too, so this won’t be the last set this costume gets! I can’t wait until the game comes out to meet all of the characters!

I’ve not included any of the stage photos here, since there are already some in my Japan Expo post.

Photos by Frazzy

4364 v1 4373 v1 4435 v1
4462 v1 4486 v1 4505 v1

Posted on July 22, 2014 in Cosplay, photosets
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