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2014 in Review

So 2014 is coming to a close, and it’s been an eventful year. I figured I’d do a little evaluation and share some musings so if nothing else I can look back at this next year and see how things have changed.

With regards to cosplay this year has been pretty busy and that’s entirely my own fault. I made 15 new costumes and revamped 4, biting off far more than I could chew! Regardless, I’m still quite happy with how they turned out. Here’s all of the costumes I made this year in a fancy collage;


Looking at this I can barely even remember making some of these, and despite what you might think I actually took a few breaks from cosplay this year. January-April were actually quite relaxed, and I added a lot of costumes because “why not!”. But it’s been a fun (and tiring!) year.

A lot of costumes were really easy; Colette, Maya, Karol, James, Sakura and Anna were all made in less than a week each, and while they might not be as polished as I’d normally want, I’m still quite proud of how they turned out considering the time frame they were made in, especially considering most of them didn’t use patterns. Sometimes you just don’t need them anymore.. I’m pretty sure I can make circle skirts in my sleep, haha.

I have no idea what I’m writing, so I’m going to catergorise some thoughts to try and make it a bit easier to read. I just want to put my thoughts somewhere. Continue reading…

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Exelia’s Guide to Applique!

Over on my Facebook page I asked if anyone would be interested in a small applique guide, and you guys responded! I have already posted the guide on my page, but figured I’d share it up here too for easier access.

I’ve used applique on costumes for years now, and even though it’s time consuming I find it much easier to do than patterning and topstitching bias for complex designs like those in the Tales of series. It’s nice to sew and when done well, it looks really clean too, without any nasty fraying or jagged edges. So from years of tediously sewing applique I figured I had a little bit of experience to share.

But first, a little disclaimer – I am not a professional, I have never been professionally trained or been on any sewing courses, everything I know is self-taught. BUT, that said, it means that if I can manage to do it, you can too! Applique isn’t hard, it just takes practice and patience.

Now, without further ado!


Continue reading…

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Photoset: Lambdadelta, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

So it’s Halloween today, and this year I did a nice themed photoshoot!! This was so much fun to prepare and while not everything went to plan, the photos turned out wonderful! Lambdadelta from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni was perfect for the sort of ‘creepy cute’ I wanted in a Halloween shoot!

It was also nice to actually get photos of this costume at last – I made this costume in 2010 and was really proud of it, but didn’t get any good photos at the time. It was a nice opportunity to overhaul the things I didn’t like and get some good photos!

Photos by Felixize

01 - uysfCLn 02 - 2MOzDdC 03 - T3tIdix
07 - Bk5QHUf 06 - j738W7f 05 - C2XTND2
09 - m0wo2KK 08 - hGZhSCm 11 - 0Od1jzU

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Photoset: Anise Tatlin, Tales of the Abyss

So things have been a wreck at home and I’ve been procrastinating like mad. Until I have something worthwhile to post, have a nice new fancy very recent photoset, Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss!

This costume is actually quite old now (4 years), but I still love it. Anise is a total cutie brat. And any excuse to carry around Tokunaga is a good one! I actually made my own Tokunaga back in the day, but gave him to Hideo Baba (producer of Tales of) as a gift, so I was Tokunaga-less until not long ago. Now I have the official plush which has a HUGE head. He’s also very comfy to sleep on, incase you were curious!

Photos by Felixize

zoopzoop3 zoopzoop 18 - ABejy2k
11 - DyIY5sI 12 - dvRMlJf 08 - eZHTee3
06 - 1p2pD71 zoopzoop2 05 - XutNanG

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Cosplay Make-up: Utena Tenjou

Wow so it’s been a while ey? I’d say life has been busy but it really hasn’t, I’ve just been a bit preoccupied with some ongoing bits and bobs, I just don’t always have time for blogging sadly!

Anyway! Recently I attempted a makeup test for Utena Tenjou of Revolutionary Girl Utena – I’ve been working on her Rose Bride dress for the AyaCon Cosplay Ball which is coming up, and figured I’d get some practice in. This was my before/after:


I always try and do my makeup for characters quite naturally, because more often than not they’re not wearing makeup (or at least nothing obvious), so I always try and reflect that. But there’s nothing wrong with glamming it up either, and it makes the whole process a bit more fun. More than anything I like to see what works on my face and what suits the character at the same time.

So while brainstorming what to use, I figured I’d try and record myself. I’ve attempted this before but I’ve always scrapped it before the internet ever got a chance to see it, but this time I asked if anyone would be interested and surprisingly people responded and thought it’d be useful. Please keep in mind that I’m not a pro, and everything I know from makeup has came across a space of about 6 years of trial and error.. but without further ado, here it is:

The video runs through the products I used, and they are also listed in the video description! Hopefully I’m not too hard to understand and it’s not too cringey, either.. it’s really hard finding the courage to talk to an invisible audience!

I absolutely love talking about makeup too, so if you want any advice or even just to chat feel free to contact me! As always, feel free to ask here, on my Facebook page, or on Twitter!

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