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Preparing for AnimeCon!

So it’s been a quiet month – nothing too exciting happening, but lots of progress behind the scenes. I’m currently preparing for AnimeCon where I’ll be performing in Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in June, so there’s a lot to do! It’s all very exciting and my flights are now booked, so the hype (and panic) is starting to set in!

So what will I be taking to AnimeCon?


Top left->lower right
🌟 Sakura/Tomoyo – Cardcaptor Sakura, with PopcornKuma
🌟 Sumomo – Chobits, with PopcornKuma for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup!
🌟 Sakura “Platina” – Cardcaptor Sakura, with PopcornKuma as Sakura “Catch You Catch Me”
🌟 Shallotte – Atelier Shallie, with Lex Cosplay as Shallistera
🌟 Leon “School” – Tales of Destiny (something simple and casual for parties!)

Since AnimeCon is a full-time convention and runs from morning to night, I’m taking a couple of extra costumes to get changed into if I want to – usually at UK conventions I take around 2 per day, so this is actually less than usual for me. I’m also taking Shallie to shoot with Lex (at long last!) and Leon as my obligatory “Tales” costume for the weekend.

Most of these have a lot of work to go aside from “Platina” Sakura – which is kind of nerve-wracking, since there’s not much time left now! Truth be told I’ve been struggling with Sumomo – despite her being such a simple costume, every possible thing that can go wrong has gone wrong, so it’s been hard to get motivation to keep at her 24/7. In the meantime I’ve been fixing up Shallotte and working on Leon here and there. I’ve been packing my case as I go too, and so far all of my make-up and toiletries are sorted (with a hefty 7 eyeliners.. I’m not even sure how that happened, but at least I’m ready for it now)!

AnimeCon is likely to be my only “big convention” this year, aside from EGX which I hope to attend if they host ECG qualifiers. I have some big plans for ECG too, but I won’t be saying too much about that until it actually comes around. Here’s hoping everything works out in good time for a great weekend!

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Costume Gallery & CCCC!

So it’s been a while, but at last the blog has a nice gallery addition! I decided a while ago to add a small portfolio of sorts of my costumes to showcase. If you would like to see the gallery, you can access it from the Costumes tab along the top and see any costume details by clicking any of the thumbnails.


As far as costuming goes, in October myself and PopcornKuma entered the qualifier for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup at MCM London Comic Con with Prince Sakura and Princess Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura, and to our surprise, we won! So next June we will be jetting off to The Netherlands to represent the United Kingdom at AnimeCon which is pretty exciting!

Our qualifier performance was based on the school production of Sleeping Beauty from Volume 5 of the manga, which you can see here;

There was a lot of work involved in the costumes and performance, and I’m really happy with how the set came out. The audio was also done by myself and I play all 7 roles (not like you can tell from my accent anyway, hah!). It was really fun to work on and I hope you enjoy the performance!

For AnimeCon we have a lot of ideas for what we should do for the finals already. Some of them are pretty energetic and it’s going to be a blast! I can’t wait to meet the other entries, and to finally get to see what kind of event AnimeCon actually is!

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Japan Expo Paris 2014

Japan Expo was at the start of July! It was my first time visiting and compared to other events it was crazy. Compared to the UK, it’s like London Expo but on a much bigger scale, with so many more people attending and so much to do and see.

I had a simple lineup this year for costumes and helped out with some Bandai Namco “Tales of” events over the weekend!


As it turns out I didn’t bother wearing Madoka at Japan Expo for the heat, so it was a nice laid back event for me. I didn’t cosplay every day which was a nice change and meant I could see things at the event for myself instead of worrying about wrecking my costume. And a pleasant surprise was that the venue provides on-site changing rooms (!!!) so I could get changed anytime I wanted!

So how was Japan Expo?

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SunnyCon 3

So SunnyCon was a thing that happened, and this year even with hiccups was probably their best event so far.

As a long-term convention-goer in the UK I always take new events with a pinch of salt and in previous years I’ve been very critical of SunnyCon. But there’s no such thing as ‘bad feedback’ – any feedback is useful and getting critical feedback is what makes the difference and gives organisers a kick in the right direction. At the very least it’s a decent starter event and a nice way to get into the convention scene, especially for younger fans.

scene42bseenPhoto by scene42bseen

But the biggest thing this year was that I entered Madoka into their costume competition – last year had a top prize of £2,000 and this year had a slightly reduced £1,000, but it’s still an awesome prize for any cosplayer. It’s always nice to win a cash prize after how much time, effort and money goes into individual costumes. Last year I gave it a miss but this year I went for it, and after entering I’m quite happy to say I came 2nd in the competition, bagging a fancy £500 prize!

The standard of costumes this year was much better than last year, and all of the entries were great. The cosplayers were lovely too. I’m not very confident even though I try to come off that way and I was really surprised to win a prize at all if I’m honest, especially after seeing the effort everyone had gone to. It was nice that the judges were really friendly and had a chance to speak to everyone individually this year too, which was a big improvement from last year.

scene42bseen2 scene42bseen3
Photos by scene42bseen

SunnyCon itself seems to have gone through a lot of improvements too, but it’s still a little haphazard. A lot of events ran quite late, but at the very least they apologised this year. But easily the biggest issue was the venue which was basically a glorified tent pitched up on a car park. It was still much better organised than previous venues, with a lot more communication and a much better layout, but that doesn’t change the fact it was basically a tent. That and thank goodness it didn’t rain!

One thing that needs to be said though is that it’s still impressive that SunnyCon manages to run with a tiny committee. That and as said before it’s nice that they actually listen to feedback, so hopefully next year they’ll take on even more feedback. It’s a family friendly event with a very young audience, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’d be nice to see that they keep on improving.

As for me it’s back to the grind for Japan Expo next week, and then for ECG at the end of July.. non-stop working. 1 competition down, 2 to go!

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Cosplay Progress Books

I finished my progress book for Madoka Kaname yesterday and one of my international cosplay friends had never seen one before. In the UK they’re quite common now to go with competitions; most major competitions (including both European Cosplay Gathering and World Cosplay Summit qualifiers) now require a progress book, and some smaller regional events now request them too. I think they’re a great little momento for cosplayers to make and keep, especially for bigger costume projects. Most events will give you your books back so it’s a nice keepsake and chronicle of how you made your costume.

So with competition season coming up quickly I figured I’d share some advice for anyone to make a progress book!

My first progress book was made for Eiko Carol, the costume I qualified for WCS with. I had great fun making this one and it was very well received by the judges (excuse the terrible handwriting)!


More photos of Eiko’s Progress Book can be found here!

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