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Cosplay Cards/Meishi

Well as usual I’m a little sluggish at updating.. blame the day job! But today’s a day off and while Moo.com are advertising their sale I figured I’d get some new Cosplay Cards printed and do a little bit of coverage.

One of the main things I learned in preparation for World Cosplay Summit is the importance of Cosplay Cards (in Japan, known as Meishi). Here’s some of the Meishi I’ve received (with some of mine thrown in):


While they’re not a big thing in the UK, or across a lot of Europe, most Japanese and a growing number of international cosplayers carry small business-style cards with photos of their costumes and contact details printed to give to cosplayers and photographers. It’s a nice momento for the cosplayers you’ve met, and it means sharing photographs afterwards is much easier, especially in different countries with a language barrier.

Lots of cosplayers only have one design for their cards, but I’m picky so I like to have a few to choose from. Each time I get some printed I change them up a bit too with new photographs from newer costumes or shoots. It’s nice to keep them fresh!

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