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Cosplay Life “Shopping in Tokyo”

Cosplay Life Shopping in Tokyo is back with the final 3 episodes! There are many more exciting projects on the horizon coming too from Lauren!

These episodes cover Nakano Broadway and Ikebukuro. Check them out, and if you enjoy the series please do like, subscribe and share the videos with friends to support the channel! The more support there is, the more content can be made and the bigger and better Cosplay Life can become!

You can also check out Episode 1, Akihabara on the blog here or by visiting the Cosplay Life channel.

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Hello 2017, Hello “Cosplay Life”!

Happy new year everyone!

Over the winter holidays, I helped my good friend Lauren with a new video project for her new cosplay-centric YouTube Channel, Cosplay Life!

The first project is an overview of Shopping in Tokyo. During a recent visit to Japan, Lauren captured some footage around different districts in different stores to highlight what is available for cosplayers, whether it’s buying premade costumes, picking up accessories or looking for supplies to make your own costumes – there’s a little bit of everything for cosplay enthusiasts covered.

Shopping in Tokyo is a four part series covering stores found in Akihabara, Nakano Broadway and two parts dedicated to Ikebukuro. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful if you’re planning to take a trip to Tokyo!

If you liked part one, please do help support by liking the video and subscribing! There’s a lot more exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned!

Aside from working on Cosplay Life, how has cosplay been treating me?

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