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Exelia’s Guide to Applique!

Over on my Facebook page I asked if anyone would be interested in a small applique guide, and you guys responded! I have already posted the guide on my page, but figured I’d share it up here too for easier access.

I’ve used applique on costumes for years now, and even though it’s time consuming I find it much easier to do than patterning and topstitching bias for complex designs like those in the Tales of series. It’s nice to sew and when done well, it looks really clean too, without any nasty fraying or jagged edges. So from years of tediously sewing applique I figured I had a little bit of experience to share.

But first, a little disclaimer – I am not a professional, I have never been professionally trained or been on any sewing courses, everything I know is self-taught. BUT, that said, it means that if I can manage to do it, you can too! Applique isn’t hard, it just takes practice and patience.

Now, without further ado!


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