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What To Do?

Convention season is in full swing..!

..and I’m stuck at home. The next big event in the UK is AmeCon at the end of July which I won’t be attending, so my next event is EGX at the end of September. Normally this time of year I’m super hyped for the “big summer con” but mine has already been and gone, so now I’m kind of sat twiddling my thumbs!

My health is still kind of awful and since AnimeCon I’ve been a little worse for wear, so I’ve been taking my time too. I recently started a new set of medicated steroids – I don’t usually mention my health on this blog, but I have Vasovagal Syncope and have been fainting a lot over the past year so I’m currently on the mend and hoping this will be a nice little fix.

So on the cosplay front, what’s next? Well, I want to try for ECG Solo this year so I’ve got some plans in the background, but I’ll keep those hush for now. Otherwise.. I don’t have any real aims at the moment which is really odd, so I’ve been filling my time in with finishing other costumes or accessories. It’s kind of weird, for the past few years I’ve almost always had a ‘plan’ or a ‘goal’ but everything I had planned was for AnimeCon, so now I’m a bit lost.

My current project has been fixing up Shallie (still!), this time I’ve been working on her broom. I didn’t have any props before now and her broom is a big job so I wanted to give myself plenty of time to work on it. I’m also not very experienced or good with prop making, so having plenty time is good for someone like me. I’m hoping to have it finished in good time for EGX where I should be wearing her next.


It’s not finished yet but you can see some of the materials and progress so far – it’s made from wooden dowels, a child’s stacking toy, dyed raffia, feathers and bits of worbla so far, with the cute little cotton cover on top. The cloth is gradient dyed and all of the kitty faces are painted with acrylic. I also made the little kitty that will sit on the top from sculpey and finished him off with a nice row of beads. Sometimes I wonder if this broom is more complicated than some costumes I’ve made.. it’s had it’s fair share of techniques and it’s not even finished yet!

After Shallie, I guess I want to make something new – or at least have a ‘big costume’ to focus on. Some ideas are Marth (Fire Emblem), Edna (Tales of Zestiria) and finishing my remake of Alisha (Tales of Zestiria), but they’re all just for fun and not actually planned for any events!

Still, it’s kind of nice to have more spare time, less panic and stress. It’s also nice to be able to space out purchases for materials some more; cosplay is stupidly expensive when you make a lot in a short time!

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Costume Roundup: Sumomo

It’s that time again! And this time, it’s a big one! Following my time at AnimeCon a few people have asked how I went about making my Sumomo costume from Chobits so I’m here to explain just that!


Photo by KJC Photography

Sumomo was my costume for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup with PopcornKuma as Chii. First and foremost, we wanted to make costumes we’d enjoy bringing to life and of all the ideas we came up with, this was the one we kept going back to and liked the most. I’ve always been a fan of Chobits; way back in the day (around 2001-2002, when the anime was first announced), the wonderful art style and iconic characters were a big influence to me, so getting to cosplay from it at long last was a big plus for me!

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Costume Roundup & Photoset: Sakura

My third finished costume of 2016 is another of Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura! Also my third Sakura costume, hurray! The ball is well and truly rolling on my Sakura kick, with at least another two costumes in the pipeline. Not that I’m complaining!


This costume is from a piece of artwork with Tomoyo, with a lovely floaty green dress with cream accents. I made this in time for the cherry blossoms blooming this spring and did a mini photoset. I adore how the green matches the pink and the colours pop!

Admittedly the costume isn’t quite finished yet in these photos (it’s missing the wings), but they’ll be added for next time when hopefully I’ll have my Tomoyo join me too.

Photos by Arphrial

sakuramint-1 sakuramint-2 sakuramint-3

Considering how simple the costume is this roundup won’t be particularly long, but I wanted to share some comments on fabric choices and construction anyway as this was one of the easier costumes I’ve made lately!

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Costume Roundup & Photoset: Taruto

My second new costume of 2016 is Taruto from Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto (also known as Magical Meow Meow Taruto), a remake of a costume from 2006! My original web alias was Taruto!, and it was taken from this little one here. Until a few years ago I used to host the biggest English language Taruto fan-site (“Kyou no Hana”), too.

The series originally aired in Japan in 2001 and is pretty unknown, but I love it a lot. It takes pride of place at the top of my favourite ridiculously obscure anime list!


I wore her to Anime Go! this March and once the event was over, I did a small shoot in a nearby park for her which turned out pretty cute (and has the me of 2002 absolutely overjoyed). Once the weather improves I’m hoping to do another shoot with some cute props and accessories!

Photos by Frazzy

taruto-2 taruto-3 taruto-4

Looking at the costume now, the design is actually kind of horrible. Clashing colours everywhere and weird blunt square hair, but for nostalgia’s sake I really wanted to redo her. There are so few Taruto cosplayers that I wanted to be one of the few decent ones out there. There are still a few things I dislike about my new costume, but I think it’s a huge improvement from my original attempt. Let’s take a look!

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Costume Roundup: Shallie

Bit of a lame title, but for each costume I complete from now I aim to have a little Costume Roundup, where I write up thoughts/processes on each costume! So here’s just that for my first costume of 2016, some thoughts on Shallotte “Shallie” Elminus from Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea. It’s a little lengthy, but it may be interesting to someone, so here goes.

04 - JrLQtFS

I really love the Atelier series, they’re lovely and laid-back and if nothing else the scenery and characters are always really beautiful. Back in 2012 I made Totori from Atelier Totori, which to this day is still one of the most complex costumes I’ve ever made. That didn’t stop me wanting to make another Atelier costume though, and with the release of each one I’d fly between different characters but never quite settle on one. Then Shallie came out. Both of the lead characters have great designs and upon seeing one of my friends (Lex Cosplay) announce she was making Shallistera, I decided to make Shallotte to match!

On design alone Shallotte has a lot that I really love – cat hat, green hair, bows (but not too many), lots of trinkets and a pleated skirt to name a few. Her personality is really cute and genki too, and even though static photos don’t really express it, I love doing “fun” characters. Not only that but compared to Totori her design is arguably a lot simpler; the lines are clearer and garments are actual garments, rather than made up clothing. Which was nice and refreshing, but still took a lot of time to perfect.

In any case, here are some notes about the whole costume from top to bottom, including things like fabric choices, pattern adjustments, etc etc. I’m very picky with everything I make and believe wholeheartedly that accuracy is not the be all and end all as long as you create something you love, so I did make some adjustments and have described them bit by bit.

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