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The Importance of Cosplay Make-Up

Cosplay is a huge, creative hobby, and cosplay make-up is something I’m really passionate about. With more of my recent costumes I’ve had to dabble with some more interesting make-up and figuring out how to do make-up for different characters is easily one of my favourite parts of putting a costume together.

So I figured I’d do a few little write-ups about make-up with tips and such, not only to fill this blog a bit and out of boredom, but also because it is something I care about a lot and really encourage within the cosplay community. This post is just a short introduction about cosplay make-up and why it’s important to use it, which will hopefully prove useful to some of you out there!

I am also by no means a guru or expert. But I am an enthusiast and everything I know is self-taught – so if I can do it, you can too!

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