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What To Do?

Convention season is in full swing..!

..and I’m stuck at home. The next big event in the UK is AmeCon at the end of July which I won’t be attending, so my next event is EGX at the end of September. Normally this time of year I’m super hyped for the “big summer con” but mine has already been and gone, so now I’m kind of sat twiddling my thumbs!

My health is still kind of awful and since AnimeCon I’ve been a little worse for wear, so I’ve been taking my time too. I recently started a new set of medicated steroids – I don’t usually mention my health on this blog, but I have Vasovagal Syncope and have been fainting a lot over the past year so I’m currently on the mend and hoping this will be a nice little fix.

So on the cosplay front, what’s next? Well, I want to try for ECG Solo this year so I’ve got some plans in the background, but I’ll keep those hush for now. Otherwise.. I don’t have any real aims at the moment which is really odd, so I’ve been filling my time in with finishing other costumes or accessories. It’s kind of weird, for the past few years I’ve almost always had a ‘plan’ or a ‘goal’ but everything I had planned was for AnimeCon, so now I’m a bit lost.

My current project has been fixing up Shallie (still!), this time I’ve been working on her broom. I didn’t have any props before now and her broom is a big job so I wanted to give myself plenty of time to work on it. I’m also not very experienced or good with prop making, so having plenty time is good for someone like me. I’m hoping to have it finished in good time for EGX where I should be wearing her next.


It’s not finished yet but you can see some of the materials and progress so far – it’s made from wooden dowels, a child’s stacking toy, dyed raffia, feathers and bits of worbla so far, with the cute little cotton cover on top. The cloth is gradient dyed and all of the kitty faces are painted with acrylic. I also made the little kitty that will sit on the top from sculpey and finished him off with a nice row of beads. Sometimes I wonder if this broom is more complicated than some costumes I’ve made.. it’s had it’s fair share of techniques and it’s not even finished yet!

After Shallie, I guess I want to make something new – or at least have a ‘big costume’ to focus on. Some ideas are Marth (Fire Emblem), Edna (Tales of Zestiria) and finishing my remake of Alisha (Tales of Zestiria), but they’re all just for fun and not actually planned for any events!

Still, it’s kind of nice to have more spare time, less panic and stress. It’s also nice to be able to space out purchases for materials some more; cosplay is stupidly expensive when you make a lot in a short time!

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Preparing for AnimeCon!

So it’s been a quiet month – nothing too exciting happening, but lots of progress behind the scenes. I’m currently preparing for AnimeCon where I’ll be performing in Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in June, so there’s a lot to do! It’s all very exciting and my flights are now booked, so the hype (and panic) is starting to set in!

So what will I be taking to AnimeCon?


Top left->lower right
🌟 Sakura/Tomoyo – Cardcaptor Sakura, with PopcornKuma
🌟 Sumomo – Chobits, with PopcornKuma for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup!
🌟 Sakura “Platina” – Cardcaptor Sakura, with PopcornKuma as Sakura “Catch You Catch Me”
🌟 Shallotte – Atelier Shallie, with Lex Cosplay as Shallistera
🌟 Leon “School” – Tales of Destiny (something simple and casual for parties!)

Since AnimeCon is a full-time convention and runs from morning to night, I’m taking a couple of extra costumes to get changed into if I want to – usually at UK conventions I take around 2 per day, so this is actually less than usual for me. I’m also taking Shallie to shoot with Lex (at long last!) and Leon as my obligatory “Tales” costume for the weekend.

Most of these have a lot of work to go aside from “Platina” Sakura – which is kind of nerve-wracking, since there’s not much time left now! Truth be told I’ve been struggling with Sumomo – despite her being such a simple costume, every possible thing that can go wrong has gone wrong, so it’s been hard to get motivation to keep at her 24/7. In the meantime I’ve been fixing up Shallotte and working on Leon here and there. I’ve been packing my case as I go too, and so far all of my make-up and toiletries are sorted (with a hefty 7 eyeliners.. I’m not even sure how that happened, but at least I’m ready for it now)!

AnimeCon is likely to be my only “big convention” this year, aside from EGX which I hope to attend if they host ECG qualifiers. I have some big plans for ECG too, but I won’t be saying too much about that until it actually comes around. Here’s hoping everything works out in good time for a great weekend!

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Hello 2016!

2016 is here and a new year means new costumes! In 2015 I only completed 6 costumes;


Most of my costumes this year were stupidly easy. Mahiru, Chikane, Anise and Genis were all made quickly and weren’t too challenging, or at least, weren’t super stressful to make. I also made Himeko to match Chikane for my babe Yuka Cosplay and we wore them together at Japan Expo in Paris!

Estelle was a big mistake for me and pretty stressful, but I won’t go into that here. Sakura was also a bit of a challenge, but I loved making her with PopcornKuma as Syaoran! We won a trip to AnimeCon with Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup which is pretty awesome and I can’t wait to take part in the finals. The biggest learning curve with costumes this year was making The Sword Card for Sakura, because I’m awful with props and it took me weeks of working on and off and really tested my patience!

I also started two more costumes, Ludger and Ramirez, but both were dropped. Ludger didn’t suit me very well at all and Ramirez was meant to be for ECG, but I chickened out before entering and dropped the project. I’m hoping to redo parts of both of them this year, but time will tell.

So what else awaits in 2016? Well, so far these are my costume plans! I’m not sure how many I’ll manage, but it’d be nice to at least get a few of them started.


All of them are kind of moe, which is much closer to my comfort zone. A lot of them have been on my “to do” list for years, so it’ll be nice to finally get some of the smaller projects I’ve been shoving aside sorted this year. The characters are as follows;

🌟 Shallotte Elminus (Atelier Shallie)
🌟 Alisha Diphda (Tales of Zestiria) – “After Episode” and “Default” (remake)
🌟 Marth (Fire Emblem)
🌟 Umi Sonoda (Love Live!) – “Valentines Parade”
🌟 Mahoro Andou (Mahoromatic)
🌟 Taruto (Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto)
🌟 Shia (Pita-Ten)
🌟 Leon Magnus (Tales of Destiny)

For events I’m still unsure of what I’ll be attending; I’m hoping to make it to Dokomi (Germany) and I’ll definitely be at AnimeCon (Netherlands), but I’d also like to make it to Japan Expo (France), EGX (UK) and some local events too. It’s actually kind of nice not having many solid plans for once though – it means I don’t pressure myself to finish things as quickly, so I stress less when working. Yay!

Here’s to a productive and happy 2016 for us all!

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2014 in Review

So 2014 is coming to a close, and it’s been an eventful year. I figured I’d do a little evaluation and share some musings so if nothing else I can look back at this next year and see how things have changed.

With regards to cosplay this year has been pretty busy and that’s entirely my own fault. I made 15 new costumes and revamped 4, biting off far more than I could chew! Regardless, I’m still quite happy with how they turned out. Here’s all of the costumes I made this year in a fancy collage;


Looking at this I can barely even remember making some of these, and despite what you might think I actually took a few breaks from cosplay this year. January-April were actually quite relaxed, and I added a lot of costumes because “why not!”. But it’s been a fun (and tiring!) year.

A lot of costumes were really easy; Colette, Maya, Karol, James, Sakura and Anna were all made in less than a week each, and while they might not be as polished as I’d normally want, I’m still quite proud of how they turned out considering the time frame they were made in, especially considering most of them didn’t use patterns. Sometimes you just don’t need them anymore.. I’m pretty sure I can make circle skirts in my sleep, haha.

I have no idea what I’m writing, so I’m going to catergorise some thoughts to try and make it a bit easier to read. I just want to put my thoughts somewhere. Continue reading…

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A Look Into 2014

So this place is gathering dust again.. sorry guys! It’s been a busy month and I’ve had nothing major to post about, but hopefully that will be changing soon!

I normally try and plan costumes well in advance so here’s a look at what should be happening in 2014 – nothing is finalised, and some of these might not even happen due to time/money but hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere! There are also some.. other ideas, but those are still in progress and won’t be revealed just yet.



Madoka Kaname – Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Elize Lutus – Tales of Xillia
Rita Mordio – Tales of Vesperia (to go with Lex Cosplay and Lumis Mirage Cosplay ♥)
Alicia – Tales of Zestiria
Chikane Himemiya – Kannazuki no Miko (to go with Yuka Cosplay ♥)
Stocking Anarchy (Angel) – Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Escha Malier – Atelier Escha & Logy
King & Queen of All Cosmos – Katamari Damacy

Here’s to 2014 being another cosplay filled year! <3


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