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Photoset: Anise Tatlin, Tales of the Abyss

So things have been a wreck at home and I’ve been procrastinating like mad. Until I have something worthwhile to post, have a nice new fancy very recent photoset, Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss!

This costume is actually quite old now (4 years), but I still love it. Anise is a total cutie brat. And any excuse to carry around Tokunaga is a good one! I actually made my own Tokunaga back in the day, but gave him to Hideo Baba (producer of Tales of) as a gift, so I was Tokunaga-less until not long ago. Now I have the official plush which has a HUGE head. He’s also very comfy to sleep on, incase you were curious!

Photos by Felixize

zoopzoop3 zoopzoop 18 - ABejy2k
11 - DyIY5sI 12 - dvRMlJf 08 - eZHTee3
06 - 1p2pD71 zoopzoop2 05 - XutNanG

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