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Photoset: Reindeer Jude, Tales of Xillia

Slightly late but here, have a festive photoset!

This year I made Anna from Frozen, but didn’t have time for a proper shoot before Christmas (that’s what happens when you make a costume in 5 days, I suppose!). But last year I made Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia in his Christmas costume, a Santa-themed Reindeer. I did a little photoset or him last year with tons of seasonal treats and cookies. Some of them are a little compilation of photos, happy and festive!

Photos by Frazzy

3970v1 3981v1 3981and3970v1
4005v1 4006v1 4005and4006v1
4048v1 4053v1 4061v1

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Photoset: Jude Mathis, Tales of Xillia

Poor old blog, one day I’ll remember to update you regularly! You must feel so neglected.

But while I’ve not been blogging much, I’ve still been crafting! Here’s my most recent costume, Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia. Alnwick Garden had winter illuminations this year, which were perfect to recreate Fennmont, one of the main cities in the game, so we went adventuring for some photos!

I want to do a better shoot with props and weapons soon, and at least some with my lovely Milla (Lex Cosplay), so this certainly won’t be the last of Jude!

Photos by Arphrial

jude-1 jude-2
jude-3 jude-4

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Exelia’s Guide to Applique!

Over on my Facebook page I asked if anyone would be interested in a small applique guide, and you guys responded! I have already posted the guide on my page, but figured I’d share it up here too for easier access.

I’ve used applique on costumes for years now, and even though it’s time consuming I find it much easier to do than patterning and topstitching bias for complex designs like those in the Tales of series. It’s nice to sew and when done well, it looks really clean too, without any nasty fraying or jagged edges. So from years of tediously sewing applique I figured I had a little bit of experience to share.

But first, a little disclaimer – I am not a professional, I have never been professionally trained or been on any sewing courses, everything I know is self-taught. BUT, that said, it means that if I can manage to do it, you can too! Applique isn’t hard, it just takes practice and patience.

Now, without further ado!


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Japan Expo Paris 2014

Japan Expo was at the start of July! It was my first time visiting and compared to other events it was crazy. Compared to the UK, it’s like London Expo but on a much bigger scale, with so many more people attending and so much to do and see.

I had a simple lineup this year for costumes and helped out with some Bandai Namco “Tales of” events over the weekend!


As it turns out I didn’t bother wearing Madoka at Japan Expo for the heat, so it was a nice laid back event for me. I didn’t cosplay every day which was a nice change and meant I could see things at the event for myself instead of worrying about wrecking my costume. And a pleasant surprise was that the venue provides on-site changing rooms (!!!) so I could get changed anytime I wanted!

So how was Japan Expo?

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Japan Expo: 1 Month to Go!

Japan Expo (held in Paris, France) is roughly a month away, and I’m absolutely terrified. I’ve never been to Japan Expo before so it’s a whole new experience, and there are so many amazing things happening there!! There’ll be tons of people from World Cosplay Summit 2013 there too so I can’t wait to see everyone again!

There are some amazing Tales of events happening, including the Tales of Ambassador competition. I’m entering this year (not that I think I have any chance to win – but nevermind!) and I can’t wait to meet more Tales fans there! And of course I can’t wait to go and see European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) for myself on the huge Japan Expo stage!

My current costume lineup is this: Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Elize Lutus (Tales of Xillia), Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia) & Alicia (Tales of Zestiria).


Elize and Rita are both very simple costumes, but it means it’s less to pack and easier to wear. I also have one more super secret silly awesome costume in the works, but I can’t say anything about that yet!

Alicia’s armour is still underway so she has the most left to finish, but hopefully I’ll get her done soon with a few days of hard work ahead to get it all out of the way, tried and tested.
Madoka & Rita are almost done; just finishing touches to go, but they’re all time consuming and as always I’m just really impatient. It’s things like handsewing small details, bits of unpicking and resewing.. all of the little jobs I hate doing!
And thankfully Elize is a teeny job. I’m waiting on my hoodie arriving but otherwise she’s pretty much done! I’m probably looking forward to having an excuse to carry Teepo around with me the most!

So right now.. I should probably get back to sewing. There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening (and I’m about to send off my application for ECG this year too!) but time is just zooming past and I have so much to do!!

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