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Photoset: Final Fantasy IX

This week’s photoset is Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX! I’m Eiko, and Yuka Cosplay is Vivi Ornitier. These were our costumes for the World Cosplay Summit UK qualifiers in 2013 – the costumes that took us to Japan!

This costume has such fond memories for me. Final Fantasy IX was always my favourite Final Fantasy game, and since I can remember I wanted to be Eiko! And when I finally made her, it was the costume that took me to Japan! The photos with Princess Garnet were taken with Yurai from WCS Team Spain in Nagoya during my time at World Cosplay Summit 2013!


Photos by Frazzy
2533 v1
2537 v1 2556 v1
2591 v1 2593 v2

Photos by Andy Draper Photography


Photos by Yuka

58 59
60 61

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Play Expo & World Cosplay Summit 2014

Play Expo! The World Cosplay Summit 2014 UK qualifiers! Play Expo happened two weeks ago! I’ve been horribly busy and/or lazy recently! So here’s a short writeup until I get back into the swing of things.

Firstly, huge congrats to the winners and runners-up for WCS this year; here’s a photo of all of us on stage:


Incase you couldn’t tell, I’m the crazy clown in the back – myself and Yuka wore Kefka and Terra for judging!

The WCS Team UK representatives this year are Felixize and Emi-zone, who I’ve known for far too long now, and I’m crazy proud of them qualifying after they followed my and Yuka’s progress this year. Their costumes were Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, which were simple but wonderfully executed and their performance was beautiful.

This was my first time ever being on a judging panel, and my first time as a guest, and my first time to Play Expo, and my first time to Manchester …a first time for a lot of things, which was terrifying and amazing. The WCS decision was so tough, but it was an amazing experience and I was so happy to be part of it.

So for now godspeed and good luck to WCS Team UK 2014, can’t wait to see what you come up with for your finals!

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So YOU Want To Enter WCS?

So. The UK Preliminaries for World Cosplay Summit are approaching fast, and in under less than 5 weeks next year’s UK representatives will be chosen! This year the preliminaries are hosted at Play Expo in association with Hyper Japan!


As one of this 2013’s representatives I highly recommend and encourage anyone willing to enter – it’s an amazing experience and a fun-filled 10 day trip in Nagoya with some of the most amazing, talented cosplayers you’ll ever meet! No matter how long you’ve been into the hobby, or what your reason to enter may be, as long as you’re enthusiastic enough about cosplay to go for it it’s worth giving it a try. The great thing about WCS is that everyone is there because of their love of cosplay!

This post is basically a bit of advice I’m giving as a previous entrant, and to show what you should expect from the competition itself. WCS is a huge contest, but a lot of entrants don’t know much about the competition until they get there – myself included! – so I figured it was worth giving some advice from my personal experiences, not only for future entrants from the UK, but for cosplayers across the world wanting to give it a go!


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World Cosplay Summit 2013 – Pictures

World Cosplay Summit was a month ago now, so here’s a post of WCS “In Pictures”! Most of these are mine and some are from all over the internet, but they’re all here in a little collection of highlights of WCS for Team UK!

A lot of these photos are personal I guess, but I really wanted to show how much fun WCS was in all aspects. It’s not all serious business over there, and getting to hang out with the other teams was easily the best part of it all!


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