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Game Musings: Tales of Xillia 2

So this is a cosplay blog, but I figured it’s a blog and I might as well use it! As a lot of you will know Tales of Xillia 2 came out in the EU on August 22, and I wanted to shove my thoughts somewhere. I’ll try keep this as spoiler-free as possible.


I really enjoyed the original Xillia last year and as a huge Tales nerd I wasn’t going to pass up playing the newest addition to the series. I’d heard from friends who had already played it in Japanese that it was a bit.. different, with a much darker theme and more adult story. I kind of took it with a pinch of salt, but from the beginning I could tell it was much less sugarcoated and dandy compared to other Tales of titles, which was a really nice change, to be honest.

After finishing the game last night it almost felt like somebody close to me had died. I sat and stared as the end sequences continued and felt a horrible emptiness. It’s not often that I play games that end up with no magic ‘everything is alright!’ option, so it was a bit somber to play a game that didn’t have one. I mean, everything makes sense, and everything is justified, but it didn’t make it any easier to finish the game.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions, which are probably shoved away in sidequests I didn’t quite finish, but otherwise it was a really fulfilling, interesting story. I had a lot of little things figured out early in the game but it didn’t make it any less enjoyable.

The odd thing for me was that Xillia 2’s ending reminded me of the time I first played Tales of Symphonia. Mithos was one of my favourite characters through the game, and knowing I wasn’t able to save him was hard. I guess it’s a good testament to how great the characters are in each game, though, and how fleshed out each character’s story can be.

Now I’ve finished my first playthrough, I’m probably going to go straight into my second for answers! Oh and playing through the game fully hasn’t exactly helped with my want to cosplay more characters.. if anything it’s only made the list longer!

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